LCN Student Profiles

Anasua Chatterjee
Nationality: Indian
Current Post: LCN PhD student (1st year)
Academic Profile: A.B. Physics (Princeton University)

"Though I knew for a long time that I wanted to do physics, I became interested in condensed matter as an undergraduate, working in a nanoscale (quantum dot) research lab.

The concept of an entire institute dedicated to nanoscience was extremely appealing to me and it was because of this I chose to study my PhD at the LCN.  A centre such as this is instrumental in fostering interdisciplinary communication and research which leads to new advances, and this is exactly the kind of place I wanted to be.

I am very excited about my project, which aims to advance the field of quantum information through examining electron spins in silicon, and I look forward to spending the next four years in this scientifically focussed and collaboration rich environment."

Abu Adan
Nationality: British
Current Post: LCN PhD student (2nd year)
Academic Profile: MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry

“I was born in Somalia but grew up in Syria.  My family and I moved to London a little over 10 years ago and we love everything about the people and the city itself.

My PhD project revolves around the voltage standard.  At present, there is no standard for an alternating current (AC) volt.  I’m designing Josephson Junction micro-bridges with 100nm width to be incorporated into Rapid Single Flux Quantum (RSFQ) circuits based on niobium thin films, with the final aim of establishing an AC voltage standard.”

Sareh Heidari
Nationality: British/Iranian
Current Post: LCN PhD student (3rd year)
Academic Profile: MSci Mathematics (Imperial College)

“After my Maths degree, I wanted to move to a more applied subject and decided to visit the LCN during an open day.  There, I talked to PhD students and PIs; their enthusiasm for research as well as the welcoming atmosphere were important factors for me deciding to study at the LCN.

My project involves carrying out computer simulations of organic magnetic molecules on insulating surfaces.  This topic was entirely new to me, but the support I’ve had from my supervisor and colleagues has been brilliant.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge of learning about spintronics and condensed matter from the ground up!
I’ve been at the LCN for over two years and what I particularly like is the diversity.  There are students here from a variety of departments – theorists and experimentalists – working on a wide range of topics, all in one building.”

Life after your PhD...

Marius Bauza
Nationality: Lithuanian
Academic Profile: Engineering Doctorate, LCN; BSc Physics, University of Vilnius, Lithuania

The LCN prepares its research students for leadership in academic, private and public sectors.  Recent alumni have gone on to develop successful careers in prestigious universities such as Havard, and Oxford, high-tech companies like Zeiss, and in professional service companies, for example, patent attorneys.  Other alumni have chosen to stay within London.

Marius Bauza graduated in 2012 and is now a Post Doctoral Associate in the UCL Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience.

“I spent four years at the LCN working towards my doctorate. My main project was related to nanoelectronics, namely fabricating state-of-the-art thin film transistors using plasma tools.

I think one of the main advantages of the LCN is the pool of outstanding scientists to collaborate and share ideas with – people I still keep in contact with.   The technical experience and techniques I gained at the LCN were key factors in securing my current position.”