An Everbeing EB-6 high precision probe station is available for DC wafer probing. Four low noise, high precision probes are available along with a microscope and digital camera. The EB-6 was donated to the LCN by Everbeing in January 2017.

A Universal Wedge bonder currently set up for bonding Aluminium wire.  The wire diameter is 25 micrometres.

AML-AWB Aligner-Wafer Bonder Platform Overview:
• Unique In-situ alignment system (X,Y,Z & θ)
• 1-5 micron accuracy depending on options & wafers
• Automatic PC control & data acquisition
• Application of High Voltage up to 2.5kV

The spinning disk confocal laser microscope (SDCLM) uses the multiplex principle where light is illuminated and detected at multiple points simultaneously.

The AFM facility in the department of Materials at Imperial College London consists of two instruments; a Bruker Innova and an Asylum MFP-3D classi.

We have a Savannah S200 ALD system, equipped with 6 precursor ports, a fomblin vacuum pump, Ozone generator and a Quartz Crystal Monitor.

 Atomic force microscope with tapping, resonance and contact modes.

Carl Zeiss ORION NanoFab -

A Multibeam Ion (Helium & Neon) Microscope for Sub-10nm Nanostructuring


Main Features:

The LCN currently has two JPK CellHesion 200 systems primarily for measuring cell to cell or cell to substrate interactions. It can also quantify cell elasticity and response to mechanical stress.

IONTOF ToF-SIMS V (Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry)

Surface Technology Systems ICP DRIE, + loadlock, samples up to 6” diameter

  • Gases: O2, Ar, SF6, CF4, C4F8
  • Processes:
  • Deep Silicon Etch (Bosch process) to 500+ µm
  • Shallow Si Etch

The DektakXT is the 10th generation, and latest, profiler from the Dektak Range.  It is fast, and has an automated XY Theta sample stage.  Vertical reproducibility is 5 Angstrom, and it can measure steps from nm to 1mm deep.  It can handle samples that are up to 35mm thick, and up to 300mm in dia

Dicing saw capable of sawing flat substrates up to 150mm diameter.

We can saw Glass, Quartz, Silicon and other materials by suitable choice of blades.

Silicon dicing cuts

Typical: width 70 µm, depth 1000 µm

High precison: width 26 µm, depth 325 µm

This is a Plasma etcher in a barrel configuration.  It is used primariliy for removing organic materials in an Oxygen plasma, such as photoresist.  It is an effective technique for cleaning up the residues of photoresist that remain after the Photolithography and develop processes before samples

The Dimension 3100 utilises standard and advanced SPM imaging modes for measuring semiconductor wafers, lithography masks, magnetic media, biomaterials, optics and other materials.

The Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM allows imaging rates up to frames/second without sacrificing resolution from subnanometer to 100's of nanometers in height.